message to a friend

things are starting to move.. i’ll be out in april.  I have fully entrusted my life and my potential to the divine and exotic mind.  i am beginning to observe signs from the universe.. stirrings in response to my willful action, awakenings of the living stream of the effects of love, gratitude, trust, will, intent, and joy.  clean simple happiness is beginning to bubble up in more places than the heavy mental gravities can trample down.  

tell me about your, life my friend.  i’m sure you are in the deep in the creative routine, the toil, cycles and harvest of the creative terrain.. have there been any unusual lights in the distance?  the sudden scent of a good witch on the wind?

have the springs been running, or is the autumnal equinox cause for silence and observation?  when you ride the subway trains, do you ever imagine them verdant, lush with sharp contrast of fern and sky, and red red blood on the spear of time?  a rickety, well lit window box that is going nowhere underground, all passengers otherwise engaged in not each other, while the squeeky wooden underground apple cart doesn’t move but has all the plants and minds in it?