I've made a horrifying discovery.

After 3 years of truly believing I am partially deaf in the "ride cymbal ear", (jazz gigs and stuff), I've realized that I am not, but that one of my studio monitors had its gain knob torqued in such a way that all my damned mixes from those recent years are also torqued. i thought i was going deaf in one ear!  Well, I've found some great German monitors to set it all straight..  at least up to the point at which the ear with the attenuated response begins to skew it all again.  i'm amazed my mixes are coherent what with the fact that one of the monitors was considerable lower than the other.

while i'm here.... 240 days until I am need to get a job or at least earn money coding.  codyng.  man.. i'm glad i'm taking this leap.  I'll look back on it with joy. but it is a little scary.  I am leaping. I should probably have a blog to chronicle the matter so as to turn it into a residual income stream.  

well, here it is: 

Each day I learn one thing that makes me shit my pants because coding is ridiculously hard and there are so many brilliant assholes already making the salary I need.  

What a great blog, right?