rabbit is taken

Just saw something really intense.  Woke up to head down stairs for the morning rituals and study. Window in stairway looks into alley.  See rabbit whose tracks I had observed in the snow last week, sitting still.  Strange to see this forest/prairie/desert/mountain dweller sitting there silently in the orange half-light of a Soulard alleyway.  Strange, considering the city.  Watching this rabbit for 5.. 10.. 12 seconds.  

Before it can really register, I see shadow of something ... Bird... swipe across the wall of the adjacent home.  Rabbit takes off frantically, instantly.  Through our thin window,  I hear the scratching of  claws on pavement , and rabbit makes it just out of the alley into the street as a massive owl silently picks him off the ground and ascends back into the night. This all took 2 seconds.  My mouth just hangs open.  

4.38 am