The Midnight Sun

"The light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not"

John 1:5

The midnight sun shines from the third eye.  The clear light of dzogchen is most visible at night while the body sleeps.  Consciousness reveals itself as what you actually are, and you can know the real light of the universe - the real light of God - all through the night while the world sleeps. It bathes you all through the night after sustained meditation practice or prayer.  It washes your human itch clean when you put your attention on God, the now and ever, all throughout the waking day. 

I don't know if it happens to everyone, perhaps the light manifests differently for each on the path.  I can't imagine though, after reading so many references to it from so many varied sources, that the light is not a universal experience for those who practice.  I think people just don't talk about it.  None speak about the experiences of the spiritual heart and mind because they know that the world has been trained to disregard and reject such things. 

Truly, the secrets that God reveals to his listeners in the night are only for them.  

"Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand" 

Mathew 13:13

This is not true though, for those who do see and do hear, and who do practice long hours in the dark;  parables are replaced by light, wisdom, truth and bliss when one practices inner vision for long enough.  Christ is real, and there are many other masters... 

I can't tell of what comes next or later because I only have the treasures that have been revealed so far.   

"So old man river, don't cry for me. I've got a running stream of love, you see."

Bob Marley


I had a friend in high school who has become a very sharp brain researcher.  She is so sharp that I don't know what her title is. We spoke sometime ago and she revealed that she had stopped practicing on the spiritual path because her research had proved to her that God only exists in the mind, and that various spiritual experiences can be produced by stimulating different areas of the brain.  She wowed me repeatedly with her advanced knowledge and sincerity.  I have tremendous respect for her.  But I also felt sad that she had developed her practice and mind through meditation, but gave up on it because she deemed it artificial.  Perhaps that is too general, because my memory of the conversation has some swiss cheese-like holes in it.  In any event, the mind can be poked and one can feel God.  It can evidently happen in the laboratory, or in the bedroom, or in the forest or caves in the hills.  It can also happen spontaneously, in very dramatic fashion, and it can bring you to your knees - no hyperbole, I promise.

What a marvelous tool the mind is. Whatever is happening in the mind, it can be advanced and developed through meditation practice and prayer.  Perhaps that isn't true for everyone, but without divulging the specifics, I can tell you with absolute experientially based sincerity, that something far more beautiful than living on earth and far more euphoric than any drug can be found within you, and can be unlocked through sustained meditation and prayer.

With that, I wish you a lovely day.  Take heart, for heaven is near.  One could even say that it is in your mind...