some people say “if you can’t say anything nice, d...

some people say “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”.  i always felt like it should be “if you can’t say anything nice, do something nice.  even if it is hard and you don’t mean it”  

Even if you don't mean it. That's ok. Look it in the eye and do something nice for someone else, and leave it there. Don't tell anyone. Then do it again. Then do it again and again until your heart cracks open and it's impossible to not find a smile when you look within yourself. Give.

Eventually it won't matter about "if you mean it". You won't be what you thought you were, and meaning won't exist as you thought it did when "meaning" was tied to your concept, your outcome, and your recognition.

Dance it, sing it, use it, live it, be it, as my dear friend Ben Gerstein might say.

Give. Give because there is need. Give because there is sadness, there is loneliness, there is fear. Give if you are sad, if you are lonely, if you are angry, if you are afraid. There is always someone or some animal stronger, better and younger. There is also always a being that is weaker, more lonely, helpless, afraid and ... Sad. Alone, and sad.

Look it in the eye, say you are there for it, listen, and offer your service.

We age, we die. Give yourself. Look a beggar in the eye and smile. If you have no money, you can still give acknowledgement. If you have no joy, you can still give recognition. If you have anger, you can give it away. Let it go.