Every human who sincerely walks the path faces the...

Every human who sincerely walks the path faces the tests of faith and commitment. Do you know what faith means to you? Have you ever spent a night in fear, unable to sleep? Your mind controlled you? Faith isn't something you place in a belief system.

Human faith is trust that there is sanity, love and peace beyond the thinking mind, based solely on a glimpse of the unknown.

There is more there. It goes as deep as you are willing to go.

This mind that you think with, that keeps you awake at night, it is more powerful than you can imagine. It has created empires. It's not about your intelligence quotient or your credit score.

You are lost. If you don't know it now, you will when you realize that your actions in life haven't solved the mystery of your flesh, your consciousness. At some point in life, you will wonder what is happening.. what this is all about. What are you, if not your name, if not your education, if not your occupation, if not what you see? What are you that sees?

Why is there a pyramid with an emphasized eyeball in it on top of another pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill?

You don't know.

That's ok, but you should at least ask the question.