Constantly keep your seeking alive! What am I? Wha...

Constantly keep your seeking alive! What am I? What is it I see all around me which I tag as world? Which I classify as world? Before accepting any friend request, you try to see the profile; same way, before accepting the friend request by the world, try to see the profile of the world, what it is, who made it.

- Paramahamsa Nithyananda

This is an enduring, constant question in my mind, my heart. It goes into the very center of religion, matter, science, spirituality, psychology and self, and yet it is completely simple. If life is simple, you've either answered the question, and had a massive intellectual/existential/spiritual breakthrough, or you are doing something wrong. Just a partial joke there ;)

Who am I? Am I my name? Who am I if I am not my name? What is the world and what is in it? What if I remove the names of the things I see and experience? Then what is there?