Well, it's almost three in the morning and I just ...

Well, it's almost three in the morning and I just solved a programming problem I've been stuck on for almost 3 weeks. It is a huge victory because the problem is a pretty fundamental programming concept, and I couldn't go on with my studies until I grasped it.

But the real story is that when I executed the code and I saw the values I was hoping.. Needing to see populate the screen, I immediately let out a little involuntary whimper. I didn't even know if they were the correct values, but I DID because I understood what I was doing. This whimper was one of success after so many failures, but with the fear that it possibly wasn't actually a success bloating and tainting it. It was metaphorically comparable to a dog who has been beaten many times, is alone on the streets, and a kind soul rescues it but the dog still whimpers each time master lifts a hand to pet it.

That involuntary whimper.. At almost 3 am while most of the country sleeps, it cracked me up so hard. Hilarious. Silent, maniacal laughter because I involuntarily whimpered after solving a problem that has vexed me all hours of the day for weeks, and that no one will ever know about .

What the fuck am I doing? I hope this works.