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Radical Friendliness, Hardcore Meditation and Bullshit Sniffing, Advaita Vedanta, Kashmiri Shaivism, Christ, Relentless Believer that it is possible, Extreme Knowing that all is not what it seems, blockchain explorer, Jazz Musician, Mentor, Teacher, Visual Artist, Fledgling Software Creative, Polyphasic Sleep Proselytizer, Observer of the Midnight Sun, Eternal Student

"On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire, that they cannot foresee the pain and trouble that are bound to ensue; and equal blame belongs to those who fail in their duty through weakness of will, which is the same as saying through shrinking from toil and pain."

~ Translation of part of the lorem ipsum placeholder text.  Deeper than expected for some shit that helps web devs and designers give clients an idea of “what will go here”

In response to a video in which a hidden faced you...

In response to a video in which a hidden faced young man conducts a controlled experiment of telekinesis in which he spins a folded piece of paper on a needle isolated in a clear enclosure...

Is this particular video real? Maybe. Probably. Does this power exist? Absolutely. And Power unimaginable beyond this.

If you think about it, lifting your arm is not too dissimilar. It starts as conscious will in your mind, and through some process you don't understand, that will activates and alters electrical and chemical states in neurons which are then transmitted via synapses through the body, ultimately activating the machine-like, yet equally inanimate mass of relatively unbelievably distant atoms called your arm muscle, joints, ligaments et cetera. We have and use neurons, yet we don't need to know anything about them to use them, and indeed most people are probably unaware that they exist on a functional level.

So here, in its most basic form, you have the power of will activating inanimate matter through an electro-chemical process of which no knowledge is required to return some output. Technically, you are animating the inanimate matter of the flesh and bones through will power and some other mysterious process.

If you were to then put a lighter in the hand attached to that arm, assuming you don't actually know how the lighter works because its construction hides the mechanism, then you have yet another encapsulated and far reaching level of control of matter at work. It requires no understanding of its nature or mechanics to dramatically and dynamically alter physical reality, and In fact, it defies understanding altogether if the question is "how does it work". And since we technically don't even know how a conscious thought that results in the thumb motion to light it works, the whole process is nearly "indistinguishable from magic", yet asking if it is real is as silly as asking if your arm is real.

Every single thing in existence that was created by human beings was created by force of will. In that respect, regardless of the mechanism or time span, it is a measurable force. It is measured by the instrument of the eyes, fingers, ears and so on. Considering the existence of math, gravity, intelligence, awareness, radiation and myriad other mind-bending universal constants that man didn't create, I'd say odds are good that there are as of yet unknown applications for our mighty will that are indistinguishable from magic.

The truth is, human beings have known about and used these powers all along, but for some reason most people just don't believe it's possible.

just open the window...

think of your dream home.  a simple, small version.  now visualize it on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea.  feel that.  now put that beautiful home underwater, on the edge of a coral reef.  the water, colors, currents, life, abyss, it's all there.  it's all outside your dream home though!  the home is submerged and you are underwater, in and of, but all that wondrous life is outside!  all the colors and beings are outside, and the celebration is happening without you! it's happening outside the walls of worry and hard, permanent, externalized opinion, gypsy gossip.  the doors and windows are all closed.  you believe in what is out there, but you don't experience it because it is out there, and you are in here.  it's as sad as a life lost. you are underwater.  

open the windows... open the doors! let the clown fish in! grow an anemone over those forgotten sad thought chairs!!  pull life toward you, pull it through you until there is no you but only the experience of it.  then take that cozy little house and put back on the cliff overlooking the sea.  

Typing Test..

48 words per minute, 6 mistakes, 2 beers into a 4 hour study session.  I've never taken a typing class and in spite of flirting with online type tutors for quite a few years, I have not really put much time into it since my initial mutation from hunt/peck method to all fingers typing.  Trying to code well without being a good typist is like trying to improvise on chord changes well without knowing scales in twelves keys.  it's like trying to pick cotton without ever having picked a rose-- maybe the other way around.  anyway, progress.  I think i'll set my goal at 80 words per minute.  

message to a friend

things are starting to move.. i’ll be out in april.  I have fully entrusted my life and my potential to the divine and exotic mind.  i am beginning to observe signs from the universe.. stirrings in response to my willful action, awakenings of the living stream of the effects of love, gratitude, trust, will, intent, and joy.  clean simple happiness is beginning to bubble up in more places than the heavy mental gravities can trample down.  

tell me about your, life my friend.  i’m sure you are in the deep in the creative routine, the toil, cycles and harvest of the creative terrain.. have there been any unusual lights in the distance?  the sudden scent of a good witch on the wind?

have the springs been running, or is the autumnal equinox cause for silence and observation?  when you ride the subway trains, do you ever imagine them verdant, lush with sharp contrast of fern and sky, and red red blood on the spear of time?  a rickety, well lit window box that is going nowhere underground, all passengers otherwise engaged in not each other, while the squeeky wooden underground apple cart doesn’t move but has all the plants and minds in it?