Market Analysis and Trading

I started trading bitcoin in June of 2017 after seeing what amounted to pocket change sitting in a wallet I used to make overseas purchases turn into about $40. SO, I thought I learned to trade in one of the craziest bubbly bull runs in history, first buying at $2.8K and trading and profiting all the way up to $19.8K. I ACTUALLY learned to trade as Bitcoin made a true crash of almost 80% and I lost not only my initial investment, but quite a lot more on top of that. That is called paying tuition to the market.

Now, I can say confidently that I know how to trade. There are constant enemies to battle in this game, and the fiercest of them originate in the mind in the form of ego, greed, impatience and fear. This page will be an ongoing journal of screen shots, ideas, analysis, and video content as I get nearer and nearer the ultimate objective of any trader: consistent profitability.

The first few videos I made for a friend and are a little rough with some expletives as well, but they cover a few key topics of range trading, supply demand, profit release, and entry/exit. The videos will become more refined in time.