New Projects 

I'm currently in deep study and learning mode, so new personal projects are on hold or in incubation.  There will likely be new material driven by this study cycle within 1 calendar year.  I will still be mixing, remixing or collaborating on tracks in the mean time, if there is indeed anyone even reading this.  ?


I believe in the album format.  It's a journey given to a listener in a series of moments, and when done well, a whole and enduring memory sequence that can evoke the context and sensory experience of its creator and listener (albeit after they have formed those, while listening to the album.  Brazilian music is like this for me ... What?).  This is rare in what is arguably the most transient artistic medium besides life.  There will be a new album or more within the next year.


When I was a fledgling jazz tenor saxist, it was all about performance.  I was so scared, excited and confused.  The rush, the power, the ineffable feels of CREATING instantaneously for and with others, this was the seed and apex of the path.  My first musical performance occurred when I was exhaling and screaming for the first time, fresh from the birth canal.  There are other early performances:  Christian school choir at 4yo, making early tape recordings at Christmas with my much adored cousins Jennifer, Lacey and my sister, 5th grade clarinet debut, first time I shit the bed on a jazz solo in 9th grade, composing solo works to accompany my senior Sci_Fi/Fantasy class final short story, backing the king of Thailand (he wadn't blowin' like he thought he be), my first live electronic show(s) with the Elektron music boxes and my monstrous pedal board.  On and on.  My life has been a performance.  My life is a performance.  I play my part in the divine and eternal drama whether I know it or not.  SO, I am thoughtfully and patiently working toward a new system that allows me to perform the music that has yet eluded me.  I am an improvisor at heart, so I can't perform in completion  without spontaneity, uncertainty and  form, be it intrinsic or extrinsic.   Live electronic, improvised, jazz, hybrid all of the above.  Not sure when.  Probably as soon as I can't stand not doing it anymore.  But it won't be until there is a new system and/or idea.


As yet to be defined collaborations.  I'm always open to equal collaborations with committed individuals.  If you have an idea, hit me up. 

Areas in which I am actively working:

  • Saxophone/Flute performance - any style, any level, any saxophone (except bari because I don't own one), western flute, bansuri indian flutes, whatever else

  • Electronic Music Production - Original compostions, tracks, remixes, collaborations

  • Composition - traditional, electronic, midi, non-traditional, form/concept based, live, inter-disciplinary

  • Live Electronic Performance - hardware sampler/synth/drum/fx machines and/or laptop based live electronic performance

  • Photography - portrait, street, abstract, contemplative. I have my own thing here, but if you like it, I am all about bringing it to the table

  • Digital Art/Graphic Design - any manner of digital design from specified album layout and design, to generative processes, small and large format

  • Web Development and Design

  • Writing - creative pieces, poetry, bio, essay, short story, editing


See this blog post for a little more insight into it...