Kirlian is the the name under which all of my electronic music has been produced since 2003.  I've felt for quite a while that the music associated with this name and perspective has reached a conclusion; nothing new is emerging, and often the commitment to its style has kept my vision narrow.   I am still finishing a few tracks that fit conceptually within this project, and I will add those in time, but as of 2015, it's legacy.. unless I release any of this on a label in the future.  From here on though, I'll probably just release music under my name or some project specific  pseudonym.  

KIRLIAN "TO MERGE" EP was the last proper release I made under this moniker, and it's a free (or donation) download from bandcamp

Below the album, you'll find my soundcloud tracks imbedded and ready to stream, and below that, whatever other tracks I happen upon questing through 7 hard drives, and squirreled away within TBs of data.  Everything, basically, which is why it's time to move on.  Because as much as I have consciously rejected concept and labels in my creative work in the past, I've realized lately that the electronic music I produce is absolutely  a true expression of my inner feel, and is an accurate and deliberate musical impression of my experience here.  That is as solid and sincere  a place from which to create as I've ever been,  and I'd like to honor it f by presenting the music I make in a more personal way.  That means it's time to place finished and unfinished business here.  I think I would normally not draw such boundaries, but it feels right.  Enjoy!

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